All You Need for a Snowman

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All You Need for a Snowman written by Alice Shertle and illustrated by Barbara Lavallee is one of those “perfect for a storybox” books. The plot is simple – all you need for a snowman is some snow, rolled into one big ball. That’s all. Except…for a middle-sized ball, and a small one, and a hat, etc. The text has a great rhythmic flow and the pictures are colorful and large enough for group sharing. But because it’s all about building a snowman, it’s the perfect book to make a feltboard storybox. Even folks who are craft-challenged like me can cut three white circles out of felt! Ms. Marge, our library’s craft guru, made the feltboard pieces you see below. You can build the snowman piece by piece as you read the story aloud to your group, then hand out pieces to kids to help you build the snowman during your rereading or picture-walk through the book. Not enough pieces to go around? Use a diecut machine to make lots of snowflakes – you need lots of snowflakes to make a snowman! After storytime is done, put the book and the felt pieces in the storybox by a feltboard so little ones can go through the book and make the snowman on their own. Felt pieces, a felt board, and a great book – that’s all you need to make a snowman storybox!

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