Can You Make a Scary Face?

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With Halloween approaching, I’m on the lookout for spooky stories, and this one caught my eye: Can You Make a Scary Face? by Jan Thomas. It is the ultimate participation picture book, and your wiggly ones will love it. A big, goofy ladybug gets kids to stand up, sit down, wiggle imaginary bugs off noses and shirts, and even chicken dance. When a giant, hungry frog comes along, the ladybug needs the readers’ help to scare him away: “Help! Make a scary face NOW!” Turn the page and see both the frog and the ladybug looking frightened. “Yikes! Not THAT scary!” With bold, bright pictures that will work for large groups and the scary parts all played out by the readers, this is a terrific book for little ones who aren’t ready for ghosts and ghouls. After reading, challenge your little ones to make the scariest faces they can, and play “The Monster Mash” so kids can dance and move in “scary” ways. You’ll have lots of happy faces by the end of storytime.

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