Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet

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Gilbert seems to have everything his fishy heart could want, but he longs for a pet of his own. At first the visiting dog seems like an ideal pet, but he drinks from Gilbert’s bowl, and barks. A lot. The mouse runs away, and the fly gets swatted. Finally, Gilbert gets a pet! One that’s not too loud, not too rude, not too squished – one with whiskers!

Kelly DiPucchio and Bob Shea have teamed up to make a fish tale worth reading again and again. The suspense over what kind of pet will work for a fish will hook readers until the very last line.

Use this book to dive into a fun graphing lesson. Make a bar graph showing the pets your students have and discuss the data. Do more students have dogs or cats? How many have fish? How many have fish that have their very own pets?  Super-brave teachers and parents may be inspired to get a pet after reading Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet. And some of us may try to bring back the pet rock fad.

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