When I first saw MINE! written by Shutta Crum and illustrated by Patrice Barton, I thought it’d be fun to use with my little ones in storytime. After all, it’s about two toddlers (and the cutest, drooly puppy) learning how to share a pile of toys.  So, it’s a book for toddlers, right? But then I thought of how my kids giggle over laughing baby videos on Youtube. Who doesn’t love silly, little babies?  MINE! is a great book to build early reading confidence for preschoolers and kindergartners. The text is simpler than simple: “Mine!”, “Mi-“, and “Woof!”, and the pictures are so cute. Before reading this book, ask your listeners if they have little brothers, sisters, cousins, who are grabby. Chances are, you’ll see lots of hands waving and heads nodding.  Read MINE! to the group and let kids share stories about babies they know, or stories about themselves as babies. Then, let your readers who need a confidence boost practice this story to perform for Readers’ Theater. It is such a fun, easy read, you’ll have all your readers saying MINE!

For more information, visit shutta.com or patricebarton.com.

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