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groundhogs for TO SEE OR NOT TO SEEI want to share the latest in the epic saga of my first published picture book. (Have I mentioned lately that I sold my first picture book to Charlesbridge? And that it is set to hit the shelves in 2015? And that my husband, the award-winning author/illustrator Matt Faulkner will illustrate it? I have? Oh.)

On February 2, 2013, my lovely editor called to tell me that she wanted to buy my manuscript about a groundhog. (It was also my birthday, which just happens to be Groundhog’s Day, it was kismet.) Since then I’ve been beaming. I’ve been submitting manuscripts for thirteen years. I revised this particular story twice for my editor, and it feels like such a validation of all my hard work to have been told “Yes!”

Yesterday, I got an email from my editor. She’s so excited to send me my first round of official edits on the manuscript. Now, I knew edits were coming (my editor and all my book-making friends let me know my story will go through more changes than a top model at a fashion show), but I was kind of hoping for a short list consisting of suggestions like “you need a comma here.” Nope. Lots of things to tweak, examine, consider, and change. First round of edits.

You know that look your students give you when you hand back a paper for them to revise? Tell them to get used to wearing that face. All writers at all levels have to revise, if we are brave enough to make our writing the best it can be. Bring on round one!


  1. Wear that face with pride, author!

    • Thanks, Michelle! I will!

  2. Awesome! And love, love, love the illustrations! Will you begin Northern VA for any of your fabulous seminars this school year?

    • Thanks, Renee! It’s been so fun to see how the Groundhog might look! I’m hitting the Midwest this January, but I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be back in Norther VA soon.

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