Shoo, “Old Black Fly”!

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Body Smart, Early Learning, Letter / Number Knowledge, Phonological Awareness, Rhyming | 0 comments

Old Black Fly gets into everything in this bouncy, rhyming alphabet book written by Jim Aylesworth and illustrated by Stephen Gammell. He nibbles on noodles, pesters the parrot, sniffs the salami, until the end – swat! The refrain of “Shoo fly, shoo fly, shoo!” (repeated on almost every page) is perfect to get little ones chiming in. Before we read the book, I tell my listeners to help me shoo that fly away by waving their hands on the cue of “shoo fly…” After reading, I put on “Shoo Fly – Don’t Bother Me” by Sweet Honey in the Rock (from their album I Got Shoes, Music for Little People, 1994).  We get out the scarves and practice shooing flies away while we dance. It’s a great letter-knowledge/phonological awareness/rhyming  lesson for your Body Smart wiggly ones!

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