The Teeny Tiny Woman

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In one teeny tiny tale, you can have teeny tiny listeners more than a teeny tiny bit hooked on a book. There are several versions of The Teeny Tiny Woman (the one pictured is retold by Jane O’Connor and illustrated by R. W. Alley) but if you have a teeny, tiny bit of trouble finding this one, check out versions by Barbara Seuling, Paul Galdone, or Arthur Robins.

The teeny tiny woman goes for a teeny tiny walk and finds a teeny tiny bone. Back in her teeny tiny home, she puts the teeny tiny bone in her teeny tiny cupboard. Soon, a teeny tiny voice begins to call, “Give me my bone!” This story is a teeny tiny bit scary, just right for listeners who want a spooky story for Halloween but don’t want to be *really* scared. With all the teeny tiny repetitions, kids will be chiming in and repeating the story in no time. Retelling a story is an important pre-writing skill, and this story is perfect for retelling. You can either make a teeny tiny house with a teeny tiny woman, or if you have a dollhouse and dolls, encourage students to use them along with the book to retell the story to a friend. Make a teeny tiny bone and a teeny tiny ghost from paper, clay, or any other crafty material you have. Great, big fun from a teeny tiny book!

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