Big Chickens

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These chickens really are big chickens – they’re afraid of everything. When a wolf sneaks into the farmyard, they tumble out into the wide, scary world.
“‘I’m afraid to go home,’ said one chicken.
‘Ohh….’ said the others.
‘Me too.’
‘Me three.’
‘Me four.'”
But somehow, these chickens squawk, squirm, squeak, and squeal their way on some big adventures and find out that they are indeed big chickens – big, brave chickens. The language here is so rich that it’s perfect for building phonological awareness, and the art is a hoot.

After reading the book, sing with your listeners “If you’re a big chicken and you know it” and act out the scenes of the story: walk in the woods, jump in the ditch, bump into cows, etc.  It’ll help your Body Smart kids to move their bodies as they retell the story, and everyone will be chiming in “Me too!” “Me three!” “Me four!”

Leslie Helakoski and Henry Cole also have Big Chickens Fly the Coop and Big Chickens Go to Town, and all three books are guaranteed to crack little ones up!

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