It’s time to potty! If you work with or have young children, you need Hope Vestergaard’s book “Potty Animals: What to Know When You’ve Gotta Go!”, illustrated by Valeria Petrone. One of the essential literacy skills kids need to become readers is “print motivation”. There has to be a reason and a desire to read, and if you give a kindergartner a book about going to the bathroom, that kid will want to read it! Not only is “Potty Animals” laugh-out-loud funny, it teaches (in rhyme) some very important life lessons like “Knock first!”, “Don’t wait too long!” and “Never forget to wipe!” This book should be read to every preschooler and kindergartner, and even a few forgetful older kids, too.  After reading this book to your class, choose together the rules you want to put on a classroom poster – perfect to hang on the door if your bathroom is connected to your classroom!  Potty on!

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